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CLINK: The Educational Social Network tailored for colleges, brings trust and control with verified accounts, automated classrooms, and admin oversight. Connect globally, communicate seamlessly, and experience a secure, engaging environment. Elevate your college experience with CLINK.

Automate Your College Communication

Automate your college connectivity with CLINK! Unite students, faculty, and administrators through verified accounts, streamlined communication, and automated classrooms. Embrace innovation and foster a secure, engaged educational community with CLINK without using a phone number or email address.

Global College Connectivity

Affordable way to connect & showcase your college globally.

Administrative Control

Full oversight by college administrators enhances security.

Digital Attendance System

Faculties can track & take attendance using mobile app.


Ensures authenticity through individual, verified accounts.

Go Global With CLINK

CLINK serves as the social identity for colleges on a global platform. By onboarding with CLINK, your institution becomes part of a connected network, linking you with colleges worldwide. Engage, collaborate, and build relationships within the vibrant Clink community, enriching the educational experience for both students and faculty.

Manage College with Clink's College Management System

Oversee students’ profiles, content, and activities, ensuring a well-moderated and vibrant digital community. Keep track of student faculties, and control over their profiles.

Manage your college with
Departmental Account Management

Create and manage separate accounts for various college departments for streamlined administration using HOD accounts.

User Access Control by Administrators

Administrators can modify, disable, or limit user account access based actions, ensuring adherence to community standards and promoting responsible usage.

Human-Moderated Content & College Control

Posts are reviewed by human moderators for accuracy, with colleges having the option to directly oversee and control content to be posted.

100% Verified Authentic Accounts for Your College Community

CLINK stands as the first-ever app to introduce the revolutionary one-user-one-genuine-account system for colleges. By utilizing verified phone numbers, only authentic college members can create accounts, setting a new standard for trust and reliability in educational social networking.

CLINK Provides Essential, Cutting-Edge Features Tailored to Meet the Contemporary Needs of Educational Institutions.

Comprehensive Administrative Dashboard

Full control and customization for college administrators for seamless management.

100% Verified Authentic Accounts

Ensuring genuine connections by verifying each user within your college community.

Secure and Seamless Communication

Enhance internal communication without compromising privacy.

User Access Control by Administrators

Modify, disable, or limit user access to promote responsible usage.

Real-Time Updates & e-Noticeboard

Stay informed with instant announcements and updates at your fingertips.

Interactive & Engaging User Experience

Share, react, and comment on posts to foster an interactive college community on mobile app.

Automated Classrooms & Attendance Management

Streamline educational processes with automatic class and attendance management tools.

Global College Connectivity

Connect with other institutions, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.

College Data Security & Privacy

We ensure 100% security of your college data, as we are built using AWS & MongoDB in backed.

What Makes CLINK Different from Other Social Media Platforms?

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