The Educational Social Network

100% Verified Authentic Accounts

Clink is the first app to pioneer a one-user-one-genuine-account system for colleges. By using unique phone numbers as identifiers and a secure verification process, only students and faculty from a specific college can create accounts. This ensures authenticity within the community, making Clink a trailblazer in educational social networking. The process safeguards against fake profiles, enhancing trust and reliability within the platform.

A Walkthrough how we achieve 100% Verified Accounts.

  1. The college uploads user data (including phone numbers) in Excel format. Don’t worry, all data is kept secure.
  2. The uploaded phone number acts as a unique identifier for each user.
  3. When a student signs up, they select their college from the list and input the same phone number as in the college database.
  4. The app checks if the mobile number is registered with the college.
  5. If verification is successful, the account is created.
  6. This process ensures that only students from your college can sign up on behalf of their respective institution, achieving a one-user-one-genuine-account system.

Genuine Interactions

CLINK's verification process guarantees that every user account belongs to a legitimate member of the college community. This foundation of authenticity fosters genuine interactions and meaningful connections.

Elevated Security

Verified accounts provide an additional layer of security, protecting users from potential impersonation or fraudulent activities. This creates a safer space for sharing, discussing, and collaborating.

Trustworthy Networking

When each profile is verified, the college community gains confidence in the connections they make. This trust leads to more meaningful relationships and collaborations, both within the institution and beyond.

A Pioneering Step in Education Networking:

CLINK’s commitment to 100% verified authentic accounts sets a new standard in educational networking. By creating an environment where users can confidently engage, share, and communicate, CLINK ensures that the digital experience aligns seamlessly with the real-world academic journey. Elevate your college experience with CLINK – where authenticity thrives and connections flourish.