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Attendance Management System

In the realm of educational evolution, CLINK pioneers a groundbreaking feature that redefines attendance tracking: the Digital Attendance Management System. This transformative tool not only simplifies attendance-taking but also enhances engagement, transparency, and administrative efficiency like never before.

Clink is Your New Register

Faculty members mark attendance digitally, students receive instant notifications, and records are accessible at your fingertips. Revolutionize attendance management like never before.

Holistic Monitoring

Head of Departments gain a bird's-eye view of attendance across various batches and courses. This comprehensive oversight aids in identifying trends, addressing concerns, and promoting overall attendance improvement.

Instant Notification

Once attendance is marked, students receive instant notifications. This real-time communication ensures that students are updated about their attendance status without delay.

Faculty Empowerment

CLINK's Digital Attendance Management System equips designated faculty members with the ability to take attendance using the mobile app. This streamlines the process, eliminating traditional manual methods.

Attendance Records at Fingertips

Students can conveniently access their attendance records through the app. This transparency fosters accountability and empowers students to actively monitor their attendance progress.

Data Exportation

The system goes beyond app-based access. Attendance records can be effortlessly exported to Excel sheets, facilitating further analysis, reporting, and record-keeping.

A Milestone in Educational Technology

CLINK’s Digital Attendance Management System stands as a testament to the platform’s commitment to innovation. By simplifying attendance tracking, enhancing transparency, and providing administrative insights, this feature revolutionizes how institutions manage attendance. It bridges the gap between technological advancement and educational needs, setting a new standard for efficiency and engagement. Embrace the future of attendance management with CLINK – where technology meets education seamlessly.