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Automated Classrooms

CLINK’s Automated Classrooms feature is designed to transform the educational landscape, offering a seamless solution for course management and interaction. Heads of Departments (HODs) are empowered to effortlessly create classrooms by simply entering the classroom name, selecting the respective section, and adding the designated faculty. What’s more, each classroom comes with an automatic chatgroup bearing the same name within the app. This chatgroup not only serves as a hub for faculty-student interaction but also streamlines attendance tracking. With the flexibility to create multiple classrooms, CLINK’s Automated Classrooms empower educational institutions to streamline their processes while enhancing engagement and collaboration within the digital realm.

The Process of Creating Automated Classrooms:

  1. Empowered Heads of Departments (HODs): CLINK empowers designated HODs with the authority to create automated classrooms. This streamlined process allows them to set up environments tailored to specific courses, ensuring a precise fit for each educational context.

  2. Simple Setup Steps: With a few straightforward steps, HODs can create a classroom by assigning a name, selecting sections, and adding relevant faculty members. The intuitive interface ensures that the process is accessible to all.

  3. Instant Chatroom Generation: Once a classroom is established, CLINK automatically generates a dedicated chatroom. This space becomes a hub for communication, collaboration, and resource sharing, all within a secure and controlled environment.

Utilizing Automated Classrooms:

  1. Effortless Communication: Automated Classrooms encourage faculty and students to engage in discussions, share insights, and address queries, fostering a dynamic learning community.

  2. Attendance Made Seamless: The automatic chatroom takes education a step further by doubling as an attendance management tool. Faculty members can mark attendance directly within the chatroom, eliminating the need for separate tracking systems.

  3. Collaborative Learning: Faculty members can utilize the chatroom to share learning resources, coordinate activities, and facilitate group discussions, promoting collaborative and holistic learning experiences.

  4. Fostering Interactions: The feature’s automatic nature ensures that faculty and students stay connected effortlessly, enabling real-time interaction beyond the confines of traditional classrooms.

A Game-Changer in Educational Networking

CLINK’s Automated Classrooms not only streamline administrative processes but also enhance the educational journey by fostering seamless communication and collaboration. As an added benefit, colleges need not gather phone numbers or manually manage external communication tools like WhatsApp or email groups. With CLINK, education embraces efficiency and interaction in one unified platform, signaling the future of holistic and connected learning experiences.