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Clink's College College Management System - CMS

Elevate College Administration with the College Management System – CMS

CLINK’s College Management System – CMS is the ultimate tool for efficient college management. With a user-centric approach, it offers controlled user management, granular access control, and easy user addition. Tailored roles like managers and moderators streamline collaboration while tracking records aids in organized data management. Instant communication through the college noticeboard and direct support contact ensure seamless operations. Experience a new era of administrative efficiency with CLINK’s powerful dashboard.

Tailored User Management

Clink provides college administrators with full control over each user, ensuring personalized and secure management.

Role-Specific Accounts

The dashboard caters to various roles like managers, moderators, and Heads of Departments.

Granular Access Control

Admins can limit user account access based on roles and responsibilities, ensuring a well-regulated environment.

Record Tracking

Admins can effortlessly view records of students and staff over time, aiding in efficient data management.

Effortless User Addition

With the ability to add both staff and student accounts, the dashboard streamlines the onboarding process.

Seamless Communication

Use the dashboard to post announcements on the college noticeboard, ensuring instant communication

View & Edit Users
View and Create Notice at just 1 Click
Use Bulk Upload or Add Single Student. This process ensure 100% Account Verfication
Approve Published Post By Users In Your College