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Real-Time Updates & Interactive e-Noticeboard

In the dynamic landscape of college communication, CLINK introduces a transformative feature that ensures you’re never out of the loop: Real-Time Updates & Interactive e-Noticeboard. This powerful tool not only simplifies the process of disseminating information but also empowers colleges to foster meaningful engagement within their digital community.

Effortless Publication:

CLINK's e-Noticeboard offers an intuitive platform for administrators to publish notices. Whether it's an announcement for all students or specific groups, the process is streamlined, reducing administrative overhead.

Instant Access

Students can access the e-Noticeboard at their fingertips, ensuring they never miss out on important updates. The convenience of real-time access enhances communication efficiency.

Notification Alerts

CLINK takes notice distribution a step further by sending notification alerts to students when e-notices are published. This immediate communication ensures that everyone stays informed.

Transforming College Communication

CLINK’s Real-Time Updates & Interactive e-Noticeboard revolutionizes how colleges communicate and engage with their community. By bridging the gap between administrators and students, this feature not only streamlines communication but also empowers individuals to stay informed and connected. Embrace the future of college notice distribution with CLINK – where information flows seamlessly and engagement flourishes.

Targeted Notices

CLINK's feature allows administrators to send targeted notices to specific groups or individuals, ensuring that the right information reaches the right recipients.

Read Tracking

Stay informed about the effectiveness of your notices through read tracking. This insight provides valuable data on user engagement and helps administrators tailor their communication strategy.