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Getting Started with CLINK

Embark on your CLINK journey with this comprehensive guide. From account setup to exploring features, discover how to harness the power of the ultimate educational social network. Start connecting, engaging, and thriving with CLINK today!

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Integration Process to be in Clink family


Reach Out to Us

Contact CLINK using the provided contact information or speak to our sales team. Share your college’s essential details like name, location, and contact information to kickstart the integration process into the CLINK ecosystem.


Terms and Conditions Agreement

Review and agree to our terms and conditions, ensuring a clear understanding of our collaboration. This agreement solidifies the partnership between your college and CLINK.


We Create Your College Account

Once the terms are agreed upon, we’ll create a dedicated college account within our CLINK database. This account will serve as the foundation for your college’s digital presence on our platform.


Share Account Details

We’ll provide you with the account details and necessary credentials to access the college’s admin panel. This empowers your college administrators with control over user accounts and content management.


Training and Support

Our team will guide your college administrators through comprehensive training sessions on how to effectively use CLINK’s features. We’ll ensure that you’re equipped to manage and maximize the benefits of the platform.


College Activation

With user data uploaded and administrators trained, your college is now activated on CLINK. Students, faculty, and staff can start using the platform, connecting, collaborating, and engaging within the secure and vibrant CLINK community.